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Snake Deluxe 2 is simply the best 'classic snake' game on your phone! It is based on the classic game we all loved enchased with astonishing graphics and gameplay. The game objective is almost the same. You try to eat fruits by controlling the snake's route. There are 32 different Rounds to complete, 4 different words and 4 different Bosses to kill. 

• How to play:
Below the game's screen you will see all the meters. (Score, Time etc.) There you will see how many fruits are left for eating.  Also keep an eye on the time that remains until you eat the next fruit. You can turn the snake by touching the screen or by the hard keys of your device (If it has any). There are some obstacles in every level, so be careful not to crash on them. There are three modes of play.  Easy, Hard and Adventure. With the Adventure mode you can complete the levels, unlock the map and complete the story. With Easy and Hard you can choose one of the unlocked levels to play.

• Extras:
Heart: You get one more life 
Meat: Much points & much snake size 
Soda: Reduces the snake size 
Clock: Gives plenty of time until the next fruit. 
Present: Gives letters until you complete the word 'Bonus'*.

* Next to 'Bonus' word you can see an 'x1'.

It means that your points are multiplied 'x1'.
When you complete the 'Bonus' word, 'x1' becomes 'x1' and so on.

  • Amazing cartoon graphics

  • 32 Different levels.
  • 4 Different worlds.
  • 4 Different Bosses.
  • Map to explore.
  • Unique music!
  • Adventure mode with a story to finish!

  • Open gameplay. You choose where to play.
  • Export Hi-Scores to internet
  • Speed control



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0.900 TND
Publisher : Zama Media Lisense SUARL
Website :

906 Visualizations 0 Comments

Categories : Games and Puzzle, Casual Gaming Market
Edition : 2/9/2012 2:23:09 PM
Version : 1.0
Size : 5.92 Mo
Number of Installations : 0 - 10
Language :
System Requirements
Android 1.6 and up
Compatible Support :

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