Learn all the names of many different fruits, vegetables, and lots of tasty dishes that we eat in our day to day lives in this educational alphabet and word learning game by Gameiva. En savoir plus
The girl is going to a big party in the town with her friends. But unfortunately she has lot of makeover to do to make herself the most attractive girl in the party. En savoir plus
Game for kids in which you will find a suitable hairstyle and outfit to Katana! En savoir plus
Standard game start Minecraft - basic appearance of a character named Steve. En savoir plus
After having learnt the alphabets perfectly it is time to learn but more about the alphabets and also play some interesting activities and games for toddlers. En savoir plus
A special educational Smartphone for all the toddlers having lot of special specifications for them like learning to type the phone numbers. En savoir plus
Spark your imagination in this kids sparkling coloring book. Paint amazing pictures by yourself on the walls using lot of colors and also multi colored crayons. En savoir plus
Go for a fun ride at the zoo with all your friends & have fun with lot of games En savoir plus

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