The royal princess is at your resort to enjoy her day with lot of different activities. Help her with all the different makeover activities and make a perfect hair style. En savoir plus
In the year of 2040, An Asteroid collided with the earth which was carrying a virus in hibernation state. After entering into the earth atmosphere the virus got activated and spread across the world. En savoir plus
- Pick wallpapers from your Photo Album and Nightstand Central will automatically cycle the background image among these however often you'd like. En savoir plus
We receive couriers, books and letters sometimes from the post office. En savoir plus
The Halloween baby has to enjoy her huge day with all the different Halloween activities but first she has to bath and wash off all the dirt off her body. En savoir plus
The princess needs a fast makeover from your royal leg spa as she has to attend a royal ceremony having all the different celebrities and other princes. En savoir plus
It's is time for a big and a crazy swimming party in this latest game for girls by Gameiva. En savoir plus
Best friends are always there for us whenever we are in any kind of need or even in any fun activities. En savoir plus

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