Learn the alphabet first and then learn to pronounce them after that you will learn lot of different words for each and every alphabet. En savoir plus
Let's learn all the different shapes that we see in the objects around us in our day to day lives in this amazing shape learning game for kids and toddlers. En savoir plus
After having learnt the alphabets perfectly it is time to learn but more about the alphabets and also play some interesting activities and games for toddlers. En savoir plus
Learn all the alphabets & numbers from lot of different educational activities En savoir plus
Enjoy an amazing trip at the toddlerís zoo and play with lot of friendly animals En savoir plus
Kids are always looking for fun and entertainment. Here GameiMax arrived with its newly developed game Animal Eye Clinic for kids. En savoir plus
The beautiful couple is here to enjoy their summer vacation time at the magnificent beach. Be a guide through their amazing time at the beach and help them with all their different requirements. En savoir plus
A totally new game of princess makeover and salon activities and also lot of different fun games and activities at a beautiful royal garden. En savoir plus

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