Enter the zoo of education where you can learn the names of all the animals and also learn how differently they sound En savoir plus
It is time to go for an adventurous journey deep under the sea and learn all the alphabets and lot of new words in there. En savoir plus
The kids had visited the zoo and they saw lot of different small and big animals over there. They kids had also taken lot of pictures of the animals at the zoo. En savoir plus
You are to help a cute girl to choose a suitable hairstyle and outfit. En savoir plus
The animal sound game for kids and toddlers is a unique animal learning game having lot of amazing educational activities for kids. En savoir plus
The rumor has it, your Cupcake Parlour is the best in town. New customers are coming in everyday and you need to keep it up to grow your business. En savoir plus
Play this fun animal jigsaw puzzle game for kids and enjoy learning to fix the broken pieces of all the different animals that you find in the jungle. En savoir plus
Game for kids in which you will find a suitable hairstyle and outfit to Poison ivy! En savoir plus

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