Does your kids love to play with vehicle or repair their toys vehicle? En savoir plus
Let's have a mind blowing party with the cute animal kids in this preschool animal party time. Invite all the cute animal babies from the jungle by making the invitation cards by yourself. En savoir plus
Kids always want to something different activities. They are getting bored by playing same type of video games, homework and other routine activities. En savoir plus
تطبيق صغير يساعد المسلم على التسبيح وكسب الاجر والثواب دون مشقة حمل مسابح كثيرة En savoir plus
It is time for a space mission and adventure in this kid's space adventure by Gameiva. En savoir plus
We are surrounded by shapes. We see a particular shape and figure for each and every object around us. Now it is time to learn those different shapes En savoir plus
This is an iron muscle body building game for children which feature all the functionalities and exercises that you find in a Gym. En savoir plus
Lucky the sheep is very cute and naughty. Lucky always want to have some adventure in the farms. En savoir plus

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