The little charming prince has to attend some important functions and he has urgently needs some makeover and tailoring of his new majestic clothes. En savoir plus
Help the beautiful princess to be the most beautiful girl in the town with the best makeover activities in your own princess salon. En savoir plus
Best friends are always there for us whenever we are in any kind of need or even in any fun activities. En savoir plus
Learn a lot of different home and kitchen items that we use in our houses to make it a complete home. Learn about all the different small and big materials used in our houses. En savoir plus
Learn different numbers in fun way with this kids games ìEducational Kids Gamesî by Gameiva. En savoir plus
Pajama party is full of fun and especially when it is during the Halloween festival it is going to be much more fun at that time. En savoir plus
The princess needs a fast makeover from your royal leg spa as she has to attend a royal ceremony having all the different celebrities and other princes. En savoir plus
An easy and user friendly game especially for kids, jumping banana is on the go. En savoir plus

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