Let's learn all the different shapes that we see in the objects around us in our day to day lives in this amazing shape learning game for kids and toddlers. En savoir plus
You have to help Evie apply the best makeup. En savoir plus
Word Jigsaw is a simple word puzzle game By GameiMax that is easy to see, but hard to put down. En savoir plus
Game for kids in which you will find a suitable hairstyle and outfit to Mal ! En savoir plus
Learn to complete lot of different puzzles for all the animals at the zoo En savoir plus
Discover this classic game which combines the best of Mahjong and Match 3 features and challenges. En savoir plus
A special educational Smartphone for all the toddlers having lot of special specifications for them like learning to type the phone numbers. En savoir plus
Enjoy learning alphabets and words along with some puzzle activities for kids En savoir plus

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